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Artist Links Update :: Please Read

Hey all,
As most of you know, 2 of my absolutely FAVE artists are Keith Garvey and Elias Chatzoudis. They have recently left the store MyPSPTubes and are now exclusively with PSPTubesEmporium.

Also all Artists that are linked to CILM, the webstore closed down late last year. If you want to find the artist, you will have to check the individual artists' websites to find the correct venue. :( Sorry, I know its not cool for me to say that BUT I have ... alot of tutorials that I will have to go through to change the links. This is all just kinda like an FYI.

Also AMI closed as well. Just the same as the CILM artists, please check their websites. I've recently purchased tubes from 2 new webstores, at least they're new to me. B-) lol

If you see a tube/artist that has an incorrect artist and would like to know where they are now, please shoot me an email:

Thanks for reading! =)


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